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  • Higher cetane rating increases horsepower

  • Neutralizer helps control dangerous acids formed during combustion

  • Water micro-emulsifier works to rid the fuel system of moisture problems

  • Atomizer helps improve combustion uniformity

  • Detergent cleans entire fuel system

  • Anti-Coagulant helps combat fuel waxing and gelling

  • Algaecide helps prevent algae growth in fuel

  • Increases fuel efficiency


  • Add one ounce of Power Curve XP Diesel Booster in every 10 gallons of gasoline.

Power Curve Diesel XP is a premium diesel fuel enhancer designed to raise cetane, improve fuel lubricity without adding sulfur, increase fuel combustibility and clean entire fuel system. This improves horsepower and torque output, fuel and engine efficiency, which increases fuel economy while reducing fuel related maintenance costs and downtime.

Power Curve Diesel XP is used in all types and sizes of diesel engines in trucks, trains, ships, generators, compressors, tractors, passenger cars, road building and mining machinery, and even in bulk storage tanks where it helps keep fuel “fresh.” Power Curve Diesel XP micro-emulsifies water, contains an algaecide, and anti-coagulant. Power Curve’s Diesel XP works in the fuel tank or in bulk storage tanks to micro-emulsifies moisture in the fuel and retard the growth of algae. It also helps prevent diesel fuel from gelling in colder weather.

Power Curve’s Diesel XP removes harmful carbon from the engine’s upper cylinders and prevents future buildup. The atomizing capabilities improve combustion by causing the fuel to burn uniformly. Powerful detergents in Diesel XP helps keep the tank, injectors, pumps and fuel lines clean. By micro-emulsifying the water the fuel system is protected from the negative effects of moisture.

Diesel XP contains XP-12 to replace the lubricity lost in ultra low sulfur diesel. In addition to treating and protecting the fuel pumps and injectors, Diesel XP also protects combustion chamber components for a more efficient and trouble-free operation. It is non-corrosive and will not harm any component of the fuel system. Simple to use, just add one ounce of Power Curve Diesel XP to every 10 gallons of diesel fuel—no special mixing is required.

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