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Power Curve Formula XP-12 is an extreme pressure lubricant that starts where other lubricants leave off, by conditioning and penetrating the metal of your engine, not the oil. Formula XP-12 penetrates the metal, smoothing the microscopic irregularities, cracks and points of uneven wear on the surface of all metal surfaces. All metal parts that are lubricated are treated and reconditioned.

Power Curve XP-12 is designed to counter the damaging effects of friction, heat build up and wear are significantly reduced which extends component service life. This lowers maintenance costs and down time. Power Curve’s Formula XP-12 also cleans moving parts which are hindered by the buildup of sludge, gum and varnish due to lubricant breakdown or a lack of maintenance.

Power Curve Formula XP-12 is exclusively formulated to blend with petroleum and synthetic oils, hydraulic fluids, gear lubes, transmission fluids and grease. It contains no solids and will not cause any material buildup or change even the finest of machine tolerances. Used in conjunction with Power Curve’s other amazing products, your vehicle’s and equipment will perform at peak levels while generating increased fuel savings to you.



  • Improves fuel mileage

  • Eliminates “dry” starts

  • Prolongs the life of the engine, transmission, gear box and differential

  • Protects the moving parts against heat and friction

  • Increases acceleration, horsepower, torque and performance

  • Penetrates the metal surface to form a polished shield that reduces friction

  • Removes accumulated contaminants



Apply one oz. per one quart of of Power Curve Formula XP-12 every other oil change and to the transmission fluid every 24,000 miles. In larger applications a 1:16 ratio is recommended. Contact your dealer for further details.

NOTE: Although many Power Curve products have multiple advantages in multiple fluid and lubrication situations, Power Curve does NOT recommend using this product in brake lines of any kind. Power Curve is not responsible for damage or negative effects to brake line systems.

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