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AC System Treatments for Midland, TX

  • Reduces energy consumption 8% to 12% as a result of enhanced lubricity and lower friction.

  • Neutralizes acid in the condenser and service lines

  • XP-AC can be added to any system during the service

  • Treat the metal not the oil making XP-AC compatible with all oils as well as CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants, and all typical system materials.

  • 100% petroleum based liquid compatible with pag and ester based oils, and does not affect the lubricating oil in any way.


Apply 1 oz. XP-AC to every 24 oz. of refrigerant borne oils.
Apply 1 oz. XP-AC to every 16 oz. of crankcase applications.

With the convenient XPAC Single Application Unit anyone can treat their own Auto AC.

Power Curve XP-AC is a revolutionary advancement in extreme lubrication technology for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. When introduced into air conditioning, refrigeration or ice making systems it enhances lubricity of the compressor oil by treating the metal and not the oil. Reducing the friction in the compressor reduces energy consumption while extending equipment service life. Power Curve XP-AC contains neutralizers to reduce the harmful effects of acid build up in the system allowing longer life of condensers and service lines.

Power Curve XP-AC treats the metal not oil without any build up and is compatible with all pag and ester based oils. Power Curve XP-AC is compatible with all refrigerants including R12, R-22, R113, R134A, 410A, R404a and R507 just to name a few.

Power Curve XP-AC is a patented refrigeration technology that can be used to treat any size air-conditioners, heat pumps, ice-making equipment and refrigeration units including commercial refrigeration units. It can be used to treat rotary and screw-type compressors, hermetically and semi-hermetically sealed, positive displacement (reciprocating) compressors, and scroll compressors, and centrifugal chillers.

Power Curve XP-AC can be applied to any size air conditioning, refrigeration system or ice making equipment at anytime, even between normal service intervals.

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